Middle School Voting & Election Lesson Plans

Free election lesson plans and classroom activities on voting for middle school students

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We provide engaging election lesson plans and classroom activities on voting to help middle school students develop into informed and motivated participants in the U.S. electoral system.

Civics in the Community (Lemonade Stand)

In this activity, middle school students create class "Why Vote" pamphlets to show the importance of active participation in the democratic process. Students can hand it out in public at a school event, at a shopping center, or a sporting event.

Kid-to-Kid: Create election presentation for younger grades

Learn by teaching! Here students develop and present a presentation on elections to younger grades of students in their schools. Or share it online.

Students design Infographic on Electoral College

The U.S. Electoral College can be a complex concept for students to understand. Most students are surprised to find that technically American voters do not directly elect their president.

In this activity, students will be able to both learn and apply their understanding of the role and function of this element of our electoral system by creating infographics. These creative depictions will demonstrate knowledge as well as create student-produced materials which can be shared online.

Learning how to listen with respect and finding common ground in the election

The election campaign means different opinions. Sometimes talking about issues risks upsetting other people. This activity gives students a chance to listen to difference with respect. And close listening can include looking for common ground not just disagreements.

Be the Experts: class surveys public opinion on its own

With the help of free online tools, students can ask their own questions and survey public opinion. Using social media and/or school networks, students generate their own results. Compare to other schools or official public opinion. Predict the election outcome.

Classroom extension lessons using Math, History, Language Arts, and Social Studies

View our classroom extension lessons on elections and voting using Math, History, Language Arts, and Social Studies for elementary students.

Class Facebook the issues

Post your student-produced GrowingVoters materials like fliers and campaign ads. Or student survey results and predictions. Share with participants across the country.

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See how other middle school teachers are adapting our classroom activities to teach their students about voting and the election.
Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer

7th grade teacher
Mt. Everett Regional High School
Sheffield, MA
Michael designed a customized activity for his 7th grade students to create a Why Vote brochure and distribute it to their community.

What do teachers say about our election lesson plans?

"Growing Voters provides students with the opportunity to consider the stakes of a critical and historic election. The lessons are a great way to build critical thinking skills and exercise good habits of citizenship."

Andy Blackadar Curriculum Development Director, The Choices Program, Brown University


"The Civic Lemonade Stand was a big hit with our students. We were able to borrow a table top model of the voting machine to let the students have a hands-on activity. Our local Registrar of Voters provided "I Voted" stickers for all the students in the school."

Middle School Teacher Massachusetts


"Students loved this activity. They were responsible for generating questions (roving reporters), talking to the primary grades, designing posters and ballots, setting up and manning the lemonade stand, distributing ballots and collecting and counting ballots and announcing the winner at the end of the school day. The students also created a graph showing how the school population voted and figured out the percentage of votes cast for each candidate."

High School Teacher Massachusetts

"Our school principal was most enthusiastic and encouraged the students. Teachers were also interested and cooperative.

"This activity created a lot of excitement in our building on election day."

Middle School Teacher Massachusetts


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