Voting & Election Lesson Plans for Elementary School

Free election lesson plans and classroom activities on voting for elementary students to help you develop their understanding of voting and the electoral process.

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We provide engaging election lesson plans and classroom activities on voting to help elementary school students develop into informed and motivated participants in the U.S. electoral system.

Kid to Kid: Campaign Reporters in Action

Primary students interview adults and create Powerpoint slides answering a key elections issues. Collect and share the whole set.

Election-related E-trading cards

Trade cards on candidates, parties, supporters, and issues. Students use creative digital media to make their own Presidential Candidate trading card that they can trade, or keep, to teach others about the candidate’s history, political party, issues, ads, and supporters.

White House Correspondents: Online News Coverage of the New President

In this activity, students role-play “White House correspondents” keeping a daily watch on the new administration. Cover the inauguration, file stories and photos from the galas, research the new cabinet, or conduct interviews on public views of the new president.

Students use online original sources to report on history of elections and voting

Bring the past into the present: using free online sources, students can investigate the actual materials in past campaigns -- candidates photos, buttons, ads, speeches, music, and campaign coverage in the media.

Civics in the Community (Lemonade Stand)

Why does someone vote? How do they become voters and where do they cast their ballots? Here the class answers these questions for themselves in producing their own brochures, and makes the information available to the public.

Classroom extension lessons using Math, History, Language Arts, and Social Studies

View our classroom extension lessons on elections and voting using Math, History, Language Arts, and Social Studies for elementary students.

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What do teachers say about our election lesson plans?

"Growing Voters provides students with the opportunity to consider the stakes of a critical and historic election. The lessons are a great way to build critical thinking skills and exercise good habits of citizenship."

Andy Blackadar Curriculum Development Director, The Choices Program, Brown University


"So far, the election has sparked the second-graders to ask a variety of questions, like 'who tells whom what to do?' Their biggest question was: If the president comes here, does he tell the mayor what to do?"

The teacher’s hope is that encouranging student interest in voting will lead more parents to vote.

Second grade teacher


"Our students loved these activities. They were responsible for generating questions (roving reporters), talking to the primary grades, designing posters and ballots, setting up and manning the lemonade stand, distributing ballots and collecting and counting ballots and announcing the winner at the end of the school day. The students also created a graph showing how the school population voted and figured out the percentage of votes cast for each candidate."

Elementary School Teacher Massachusetts

"The Civic Lemonade Stand was a big hit with our students. Our school principal was most enthusiastic... Teachers were also interested and cooperative.

"This activity created a lot of excitement in our building on election day."

Elementary School Teacher Massachusetts


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