Campaign and Election Assignments for College Students

Free lesson plans on voting to engage college students and encourage interest in the political process

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We provide engaging election lesson plans and classroom activities on voting to help college students develop into informed and motivated participants in the U.S. electoral system.
Hack the Spin Media Excercise for college students

"HACK the Spin" media exercise

In this simulation students will manufacture media spin on the election. By doing it themselves and seeing how the pieces are deliberately put together, students will be able to separate propaganda from process, gain media literacy, and see behind what efforts are directed to get voters to choose a candidate.

“HACK the spin” will help students critically listen and analyze the information in the debates, speeches, and commercials of each candidate and contribute to students making an informed decision when they cast their votes.
Election lesson plan for college students: Produce candidate commercials

Produce candidate commercials for TV, internet, radio, or print

Nothing explains campaign media better than students making it themselves. Research issues, design media, and produce ads. Use easy free tools and put students in the creative driver’s seat.

These can be print, video, or audio. Use anything from PowerPoint to making a video on a mobile phone. Can be posted and shared with other schools.
Free online election survey or opinion poll classroom lesson for college students

Create an online election survey or opinion poll for College students

Students design, conduct, and analyze their own free online election survey or opinion poll. Using social media and/or school networks, students will generate their own results. Compare to official public opinion. Predict the outcomes.
Design campaign marketing strategy - voting lesson plan for college students

Design campaign marketing strategy

Students design a candidate's campaign marketing strategy. They'll decide the audience and messaging, and then determine how and when to allocate campagin advertising budgets across print, TV, internet.
College lesson plan: Using twitter to teach voting and elections

Contribute to Growing Voters on Twitter

GrowingVoters is used nation-wide: post photos of class activities, results, reactions to share across country with other participants

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What do teachers say about our election lesson plans?

"Growing Voters provides students with the opportunity to consider the stakes of a critical and historic election. The lessons are a great way to build critical thinking skills and exercise good habits of citizenship."

Andy Blackadar Curriculum Development Director, The Choices Program, Brown University


"The Civic Lemonade Stand was a big hit with our students. We were able to borrow a table top model of the voting machine to let the students have a hands-on activity. Our local Registrar of Voters provided "I Voted" stickers for all the students in the school."

Middle School Teacher Massachusetts


"Students loved this activity. They were responsible for generating questions (roving reporters), talking to the primary grades, designing posters and ballots, setting up and manning the lemonade stand, distributing ballots and collecting and counting ballots and announcing the winner at the end of the school day. The students also created a graph showing how the school population voted and figured out the percentage of votes cast for each candidate. We used your (Growing Voters) materials almost exclusively."

High School Teacher Massachusetts

"Our school principal was most enthusiastic and encouraged the students. Teachers were also interested and cooperative.

"This activity created a lot of excitement in our building on election day."

Middle School Teacher Massachusetts


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